A young and dynamic team with the right expertise to unlock the potential of your business efficiently and effectively online or IRL.

Media Representation

Being intimate with all buyers and knowledgeable of the media landscape have made us the most trusted partners of media owners.

Under our roof, your media brand would be pushed to the forefront and meticulously managed to earn the reputation and the demand it deserves.

Media Planning & Booking

The same intimacy with buyers and agencies provides us with untethered access to the best planning and buying opportunities which we fully harness to our client’s advantage.

Our clients reap the rewards by leveraging skill, insights, data driven analytics validating performance-driven solutions and most importantly, fueled by our challenger mindset to get things done, regardless of size.

Digital Services

The world is digital and we are right at home.

Being born in the internet era, we are the OG netizens and RGB is the new normal.

Whether it’s Branding, Web platforms, Apps, Community & Social media management or SEO, SEM

Successful brands require thoughtful, disciplined and creative strategies to move them forward. Our extensive analytical and strategic methodologies provide a perfect formula to build a unique brand experience that will drive results for the business
Media Planning
Every campaign is different, A winning message begins with research, planning, and a deep understanding of customers, the goals and voters, we build winning long-range advertising plans that ensure message discipline and prepare for attacks. Strategic media placement is a sport we thrive on and one through which we leverage our longstanding relationships with media to negotiate high-impact campaign rollout opportunities for our clients
Our philosophical approach to the digital realm would stand the test of time. We combine a strong creative approach with the latest digital strategies. Staying up to date on social media trends and the latest memes and gadgets is great, but what’s more important is sustainability, and our approach to creating digital strategies is focused on long term achievement and results. From digital content, to targeted media campaigns, to developing brand websites and apps, digital is where we bring your brand to life.
Social Media Contents & Management
If you’re struggling to consistently and effectively maintain your brand’s channels, our social media management service is just what you need.  We’ll get to know your brand better than anyone else during our in-depth discovery process and provide everything you need to be successful on your channels every month.
Wisdom & Experience

We have been in this business for over 30 years and were a significant force in molding it.

We launched MBC (1992-1996).We tripled ART revenues (1997).We increased ESC turn over by 50% (1997-1999).We marketed Al Jazeera (1998  2002 & 2006-2008).We marketed Al Arabiya (2002-2005).
People from Within

Our people are from within the region, the culture and times:

Understand your product, from macro to micro.Know the potential and the opportunitiesKnow the consumers, what they think and what to expect.Know the insights of the Media Industry.
Ethical market Relations

We recognize that positive relations with all buying entities is the only way to ensure consistent revenue stream

Our people pride themselves on transparency, Ethical Principles and Solid relations will all the major and minor players in the industry.

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Media planning, buying and representation are the cornerstones of developing strong brand presence
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